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I am Kat. An online Coach, mama of 3 awesome girls, dedicated to helping you create a life you love!

I help women like you dream big and back it up with meaningful action 
  • Feeling sick and tired or feeling “stuck”, defeated in a world that seems going faster then your own thoughts?
  • Having a burning desire to find a new career, a new passion, but don’t know how?
  • Craving more freedom, and joy in your life, but can’t seem finding a solution to it?
  • Dreaming of a fat bank account but don’t know if its even possible? 

"I’ll provide you the roadmap to your dream situation, and will show you the path to a life of freedom!"

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“She remembered who she was and
the game changed.” -Lalah Deliah

I grew up in the province of Quebec, Canada, in a rather very modest French-Canadian rustic home, being the youngest of a family of 3 children, and the sole girl. Being rather timid at the time, I was raised by a very strong father figure who was praising me to always give good handshakes to any adults we encountered, looking at them in the eyes with meaningful value, forcing me out of my comfort zone.... Which I admit, is serving me today!


"Value and compassion, is what drives me today when encountering any decent human, and raising my own daughters in the same matter!"

It is after going through a challenging divorce years ago, that I launched myself into the beauty industry, soon owning my own little shop in downtown of Honolulu, Hawaii. I was a lash artist and waxer, and proud to say that in a relatively short time, I attracted thousands of women of all ages, serving and bringing them beauty, and... a certain dosage of dazzling "je ne sais quoi"!

But I also found myself becoming a friend and confident to many of them, listening them sharing about their life, challenges, fears, and insecurities. Over the years, I became shocked to see so many women sharing similar obstacles, in itself with this feeling of being stuck (often, real stuck!)... I got moved, questioning what could be done, and... Finally, Eureka! I got soon inspired to do something for them by launching myself into the world of Life coaching!

“God often chooses unlikely people to carry out his plan because he looks at the heart and not human qualifications”

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I remember encountering back in 2008 the renowned motivational speaker Bob Proctor (from the movie The Secret) one of the world’s foremost expert of the human mind, master of the Laws of Attraction/Vibration, whom I adopted as my mentor for many years. And it is from there that I was exposed to the many learnings behind the power of the mind, and the use of proper tools to attract LITERALLY anything you want in life! 

So, here I am today, firmly believing that from sharing proper mindset, and a step by step process of accomplishment in a certain way, I may help YOU, of any backgrounds and scope of practice to find your purpose, your why, and to stop drifting in doubts, insecurities, no matter what dead end encountered on your way!

   “You can do it. Do it now!”
From hearing over and over again this famous quote used by Bob Proctor and my todays mentor, Arash Vossoughi, I got inspired to make it my signature phrase, my mantra to live by, and the key of a prosperous, freedom rich life!

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My mission to inspire and help you, gorgeous women of our modern society, to unlock the
power within YOU
, this dormant leader that just need a little kick to be activated. I am aiming to help you to embrace the belief that you can get anything your heart’s desire, by giving you the proper training, tools, and support you to achieve what it is that you really really want, and to become the best of yourself!!

Know that, no matter what your dreams or challenges are, you have the unlimited potential to change your life and to make this world a better one!

“At the end of the day, all that really matters is YOU” -A.A Milne

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I am here to serve!

My company is built on a quintessence of love, love, love, and compassion for what’s possible
and very committed to being a source of inspiration to success for whoever gets the desire to become the best version in their life, the superstar of their dreams, and to bring out the one of a kind hero they wouldn’t even imagined existing within!! Through free contents, online training programs, and anything else in between, I am here with you to make the difference!

“You are powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave!”
Whether you desire is changing career, find the love of your life, getting financial freedom, or
simply finding your purpose and your why in life, I am here to help you tap into all of them!

So, please, get onboard, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for this mind blowing expedition, tapping into your unlimited potential to make your wants a reality!

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